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Common Issues

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  1. Parking lot potholes normally appear in heavy traffic areas where standing water left unattended will become an eye sore. Not to mention it could also lead to becoming a potential tripping hazard for customers and employee foot traffic.
  2. Existing asphalt paved surfaces that have been around for several years will have some cracking. Applying a good rubberized crack sealer will prevent the cracking from further advancement.
  3. Over-watering by landscaped areas will cause deterioration and raveling of asphalt, making it become rough and porous. That's when seal coat is most effective by not allowing water to penetrate the asphalt surface.
  4. Potholes are the result of standing water, whether the asphalt is protected or unprotected. Water will penetrate the base, and areas will get larger and experience more damage.

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