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we take pride in being your premier asphalt company We believe in providing the best service at the best prices We will exceed your expectations on each and every job we have superb work ethics

At G&S Paving, we take pride in being your premier asphalt company. Our work ethic here is simple: We believe in providing the best service at the best prices in order to exceed your expectations on each and every job. The next time you're looking to fix that pot-holed pavement, call on the professionals at G&S Paving. Below is a list of services we provide:

Patching and Striping
We offer our clients professional asphalt Maintenance our services Can help you save while repair portions of your current investment., Also our stripping service is designed to allow you to choose a lay out of your property that can optimize Vehicle traffic.

Seal Coat
Modified Seal Coat involves the creation of a mixture of Emulsion and sand on the asphalt Surface it Beautifies and also protects your current Investment it is used on a wide range of projects Street ,Privet Roads Parking lot paving, drive way paving

New Pavement
If you are in need of a new residential driveway or a commercial parking lot, our experts can help. New pavement can help beautify your property as well as add to its value. The most common paving methods are asphalt and concrete.

Pavement Rehabilitation
G&S offers a pavement rehabilitation program that can help you turn your current paved environment into one that you deserve for your property.

We offer grading services that can help you find out if your current pavement is of a high or low quality.

Asphalt concrete is the most common material used for road surfaces today. We have been in the asphalt business for generations and can handle any asphalt project.

Prevention Maintenance
We proudly offer our clients an opportunity to use our prevention maintenance system to help secure their paving investment. A pavement management system (PMS) contains a series of decision units used to determine how and when to repair the road's surface based on various tests.

Please contact us today to schedule a free estimate from one of our highly skilled technicians. We look forward to working with you soon.